Find your Voice

Part 1. of our creative music workshop ‘Find your Voice’. An intercative sesison that encourages children to engage ideas to the group via the chat so we can write a song together. Join us on Part 2. of ‘Find your Voice’ on Friday 8th May, 11am.

We did it guys! We have the first part to our song done and the chorus. Join me again this Friday 8th May at 11am for Part 2. of ‘Find your Voice’ and let’s finish our song ‘Rocking Horse’ together.

These are the lyrics we have so far:

Horses run free
Into the wild
They gallop to the morning sun
And into the night

They search
for their one true love
Golden apples hanging
From the heavens above

They fly so high
spreading their wings into
the colourful sky
I wish that I
Could see from up high
If this dream can become alive

Alive alive, I wanna feel alive

Remember that you are able to watch the live session as many times as you’d like and learn the song as well as think of some cool lyrics to add!

Thank you for joining the fun. See you Friday :)